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Mission Statement

Providing businesses worldwide with the resources and expertise to enhance their sales and operations while freeing up time to focus on important things such as their clients.

Centra Conex is an established marketing and solutions firm. We take marketing concepts from development to implementation. Our specialties include technological marketing mediums such as voicebroadcasting, text and sms messaging, and email campaigns. We also offer traditional mediums like print radio and tv.

We have developed a top of the line yet simple lead generation system that will provide your sales team with live exclusive leads. This is specifically designed for the call-center environment geared towards volume sales. We do not exclude the smaller operations. We have seen individuals use our systems and grow into the volume infrastructure.

Let me please explain "data" vs. "leads". Data is information that fits criteria of a potential client. A lead is someone that is responding to your marketing who is willing to listen to what you have to offer.

We do provide data to market to. Some of this is aged data and some is generic information to use with our technology mediums. Please speak with a representative of our firm to receive all the information about our offerings.


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